Clients Stories

Client Stories

“Such a great couple of days; well structured, insightful, interesting content and so interactive! Thank you for being so engaging and animated and for challenging me and pushing me outside of my comfort zone!”

Supply Planning Manager

“Supported us with the creation of a library of leadership learning modules …always delivering great results and exceeding our expectations…”

Vice President, Global Customer Experience

“I found myself struggling to make a difference at work. I did not seek coaching but was encouraged to do so. Had I known how helpful that experience would turn out to be, I would have eagerly volunteered to do so sooner. I was encouraged to see myself, understand myself and believe in myself so much more”

Vice President, Design & Product Development

“Genuinely believe in people. Amazing skill of making you feel like you are the only person in the room”

Regional Field Manager

“You will leave the room really knowing that you’ve learnt something new about the topic or yourself – although probably both! Shirley & Sally created a very positive learning environment”

Project Manager

“Great perceptive ability to quickly identify the key levers that an individual can use to best accelerate business and individual development…getting people engaged in thought-provoking discussions, always leading to a positive outcome

Managing Director & CEO

“It was a super course, really engaging and so interesting. I feel like I have learned a lot and have a whole set of new tools to make me a better manager!”

Supply and Launch Planning Manager

“Really appreciate the time and wisdom you shared. I’ve had great success in 2 coaching meetings since! Thank you!”

Education Manager

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