Who We Are

Sally Booth and Shirley Pickering

We are all about bringing learning to life. So often we work with leaders who understand the theory but can struggle when it comes to applying it. Our approach moves people on from understanding to actual practice. We enable participants to really experience a new skill or behaviour and work on it live in the room so that they can see it, hear it, think it and feel it.

We formed Juno in 2012 and since then, we have grown our business to work with clients across the globe in a variety of industries.

We have a great team around us, most of whom have worked with us from the very beginning, and who each bring with them their specific areas of expertise.

We strongly believe in building trusting partnerships and long-lasting working relationships. Everything we do is tailor-made; we make sure we really listen to understand what you need, and we love getting to know your culture and what is important to your organisation.

Shirley Pickering - Director, Juno Learning and Development

Shirley Pickering

Shirley focuses on helping clients find practical and lasting ways of improving their leadership effectiveness. She builds confidence by helping clients identify and value strengths they may have overlooked. She provides in-depth feedback and coaching to grow capability, and she works hard to ensure that a client identifies not only what they will do when they return to work after a coaching session or workshop, but also how they are going to put their plans into action.

Sally Booth

Sally combines energy and sensitivity in all that she does. She has a particular passion for helping her clients deepen their self-awareness and recognise both their verbal and non-verbal impact on others. Through careful observation and detailed feedback, Sally works closely with her clients to help them expand their comfort zones, so they can discover the best approach to take for the situations they face and the people they need to influence.

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