Free Takeaways

Here at Juno Learning, we love takeaways – especially when they’re free! Based on requests from our clients, we’ve put together a series of downloadable reading materials for you based on our most frequently asked questions. Enjoy!

Asking for Feedback

Unsure about how best to ask for feedback? Take a look!

Receiving Feedback

There’s an art to receiving feedback gracefully. Download for free!

Words to Avoid

Want to know the words that reduce your power when talking? Click on the link!

Challenging Poor Performance

Bring people to their senses, not to their knees. Discover how to be honest without being brutal. All yours at the click of the mouse!

Managing my Manager

Want to know how to build a stronger working relationship with your manager? Have a look at our top tips!

Influencing Upwards

There are some clear choices when it comes to influencing authority figures. Click on the link to find out more!

The 6 Levels of Listening

Moving from ‘Sponge’ to ‘Trampoline’… Click below to learn more!

Strengthening non-verbal impact

Small body language changes that bring maximum power to your message! Click below to find out more…

Situational Leadership

What are the parallels between the Situational Leadership Model and the film, The Karate Kid? Find out below!

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